Palazzuolo, a view of Palazzo dei Capitani

In 2018 Palazzuolo sul Senio has been included among the "I Borghi più belli d'Italia", it means the list of the amazing small Italian towns. The strongly Medieval urban structure dates back to the 13th century when the noblemen of these lands, the Ubaldini, had to relinquish their hold in favour of the Florentine Republic and therefore the Medici rule.

Palazzuolo is ideal for nature lovers: trekking, mountain bike, road bikes, horseback riding.

Palazzo dei Capitani, built in the 14th century, today houses the Museo Archeologico Alto Mugello and the Museo delle Genti di Montagna.

Nowadays, a new project of contemporary art stands in the historical centre: E50035

An impressive fountain stands just below the monumental steps that lead to SS. Carlo and Antonio Church. Nearby we find the 15th century Santuario della Madonna delle Nevi in Quadalto and the Susinana Abbey with its 12th century church, which is today a farm residence.

Take a walk or cycle to the ancient Lozzole fortress (the church was recently perfectly restored) and to Campergozzole (quaint hamlet of intense beauty) along the ancient roads that lead to Colla di Casaglia.


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