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The Margheri watermill in RontaThe Margheri watermill in Ronta

The presence of watermills has been very widespread since Medieval times.


They were generally quite small with a single “millstone” that ground grains of wheat, corn and dry chestnuts for man, and “fodder” (barley and oats) for the livestock.

They worked on a “horizontal intake system” and were surrounded by irrigation canals and mill courses, and by a water reserve (“millponds”).


The number of mills grew until the beginning of the 19 th century when they began to be closed progressively and replaced with electricity.


There are only a few mills still running today, but the workings continue to enchant us with their age-old charm.




Town: Borgo San Lorenzo
Phone: + 39 055 8403051 - 348 5515426

This ancient water mill, which was probably built around 845, continues to function. It offers the sale of mill ground products: chestnut flour, corn flour, and common wheat flour. Open every day from September to January; from February to August only upon request. Property of the Margheri family.

Town: Firenzuola
Phone: + 39 055 8149067

Visits per school trips and groups upon request only. Property of Lamberto Fabbri.

Town: Scarperia
Phone: +39 055 8406648

Still functioning. Property of the Parrini Family.
Booking requested for opening.

Town: Borgo San Lorenzo
Phone: +39 055 8492580 - 331 2111598

This ancient Medieval watermill dates back to 1300 and still functions. It is open for visits and provides information on the history of the mill.


Summer opening hours: Sunday and holidays 3.30pm-7.30pm

Winter opening hours: Sunday and holidays 2.30pm-7.30pm
Guided visits, extra opening times and workshops for children and adults can be booked.

Town: Firenzuola
Phone: +39 329 8685502

Sale of wheat flour, barley and maize polenta. Workshops for children. Open upon request only: from Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.


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