Farm Holidays in Mugello

A stay in one of the many farmhouses in Mugello is perfect for anyone seeking a realxing holiday in contact with nature and the natural Tuscan countryside. The Mugello valley offers a pristine environment with mountains, rivers, lakes and many other splendid landscapes waiting to be discovered.

The eight municipalities in Mugello offer visitors many farmhouses from which to choose from for their holidays. These farmhouses are run by families that have opened their homes to visitors to share and offer the experience of living as they do in the Tuscan countryside and eating local produce and cuisine. Visitors can stay in farmhouses for a few days or by the week, depending on the owners preference in offering hospitality.

Often the farmhouses offer both rooms and independent apartments as holiday rentals, depening on the property and the owners preference. Most are furnished in typical Tuscan furniture. Many Tuscany farmhouses in Mugello offer guests outdoor swimming pools, mountain bikes and horseback riding as additional services.

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